5 Patio Designs for Backyards That Entertain and Delight

5 Patio Designs for Backyards That Entertain and Delight

Did you know that around 90 percent of Americans value their outdoor spaces? With more and more people spending time outside, your backyards can be a haven for rest and relaxation.

Have you ever wondered how you can upgrade your outdoor entertaining space with a patio makeover? Here are some of the coolest patio designs for backyards that you can try today.

1. A Stylish Umbrella

An outdoor umbrella is a great way to provide shade during hot summer days. These umbrellas can vary in size, so make sure to get one large enough to cover the patio area.

Market patio umbrellas are sturdy, with durable canopies that can withstand many different weather conditions. You can also buy replacement canvases if yours suffer from wear and tear.

2. Patio String Lights

Do you dream of lounging on your patio into the twilight hours? You cannot go wrong with some patio string lights to keep the space illuminated and safe.

Patio string lights can be hung up around your patio as part of your backyard patio design. You can install them yourself or have a professional hook them up to your electrical system.

3. A Sunning Area

Get your tan on during the hottest months of the year with a picture-perfect sunning area on your patio. Deck chairs that can recline are the best option for the ultimate relaxation.

4. An Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to cook and socialize with your guests, an outdoor kitchen is a great option for an outdoor entertaining space. Some of the most popular designs include a grilling area, prep stations, and even outdoor bars.

One of the benefits of an outdoor kitchen is that you can customize it according to your budget, size, and preferences. For instance, if your family loves to make woodfired pizzas, an outdoor pizza oven is the perfect addition.

To protect your appliances from the elements, you should invest in covers that you can place on top when they are not in use.

5. A Fire Pit

When the temperature drops, gathering around a fire pit is a wonderful way that you can bond with family and friends. A fire pit in your patio area will make it the center of socializing and activity in your backyard.

You can install a fire pit that is built into the ground for a more permanent feature in your patio makeover. If you like the idea but do not want to commit, there are many models that are ready-to-use and also budget-friendly.

Consider These Patio Designs for Backyards

If you want to change up your yard space, there is nothing better than new patio designs for backyards. With these ideas, you can create the outdoor patio of your dreams.

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