5 Sneaky Signs of a Leaking Pipe in A Wall

5 Sneaky Signs of a Leaking Pipe in A Wall

Did you know that leaks in the water supply system in North America resulted in 20 to 50 percent water?

Though pipes bursting and water pouring out of the ceiling may come to mind when you think of a broken line, there are subtle signs you can look out for that might mean your pipes are in trouble.

Though you may feel like no one is there to warn you, don’t worry. Your secret weapon? Your own eyes.

If you see signs of a leaking pipe, you need to get it inspected immediately. This will help you identify the problem and get it resolved before it starts causing too much damage.

Ready to learn more about the leaking pipe in wall? Then, read on!

  1. Stained and Damaged Ceilings

A consistent trickle or large leak usually causes this in the water pipe in a home’s wall. With this constant water presence, water begins to seep through the drywall, resulting in the telltale sign of yellow stains on the ceiling.

Additionally, if the drywall is older or weakened over time due to water damage, the ceiling may start to ravine and crack. Water also likes to travel down the walls and may even leave a noticeable water line trace. 

  1. Running Meter

Leaks within the walls or floors are often hard to notice because the water can travel long distances before exposure. In addition to a higher running meter, look for new water stains or moisture on the walls or floors.

If you’re still unsure, you may want to hire someone to inspect your pipes and barriers for small holes or cracked pipes that can cause leaks.

Even the slightest pinhole can cause a huge water loss over time. Therefore, it’s best to catch any signs early before it becomes a more significant issue.

  1. Foundation Cracks

Corroded pipes, loose fittings, or a breakage in the line can cause leaks. As water seeps through the foundation, pressure builds, and the walls can crack. Watch for the sneaky signs of a leaking pipe in your walls.

It’s essential to address the leak immediately before it causes further damage. Look for watermarks, stains, and an increase in your water bill that indicates larger-than-usual water consumption. 

  1. Water Bill Increase

If your family isn’t using more water than usual, but the bill continues to rise, it’s likely due to a hidden leak. Furthermore, it’s possible for there to be a significant water bill increase, even if the leak is relatively small, since leaks can add up over time.

Check the walls and floors where you notice any dampness, including places like the attic, basement, and near the garbage disposal or washer, for any signs of a leak. 

  1. Mold or Mildew

Long periods of standing water and excess moisture are perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth. Visual signs of a leaky pipe in a wall may include water or rust stains on the wall, bubbling paint, discoloration of wallpaper, peeling paint, or wallpaper near the floor. 

If you suspect a pipe is leaking, it is best to contact a professional immediately who can do plumbing.

Be Aware of a Leaking Pipe in Wall

The first telltale signs of a leaking pipe in wall can be easy to miss if you do not know what to look for. Always be aware of subtle changes in your home that could signify a problematic pipe.

Get your leaks fixed today, and keep your home safe!

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