Biggest Window Shade Trends For 2023

Biggest Window Shade Trends For 2023

We’re almost 2 whole months into 2023, over the past month and a half, we have been able to see what trends look like they will define 2023 in most areas of home design and decoration.

One area where these trends have been particularly noticeable is the world of window shades, with clear frontrunners emerging for the biggest trends of 2023. So, we decided to pair up with UK based window shades retailer DotcomBlinds to celebrate the launch of the brand new DotcomBlinds website

‘Total Blackout’ Cassette Systems

The first trend that you’ll see go large in the world of window shades this year is “Total Blackout” cassette systems for blackout blinds. Blackout blinds block any light from outside passing through their fabric, but standard blackout blinds can still let light in around the edges of the fabric.

However, these cassette systems remedy that issue, by totally encasing the edges of a blackout blinds with a cassette and side channel system, which will prevent light leakage, allowing you to have total darkness in whatever room they’re installed in.

Art-Deco Patterned Fabrics

Patterns are always popular in the world of curtains and blinds; it seems like each year has it’s own signature pattern style that gets pushed into popularity. With some of the big pattern trends in the previous few years including cute child friendly patterns, nautical patterns and even striped designs.

But in 2023, the pattern type which is looking to take the world by storm is geometric art-deco patterns. While it’s been around 100 years since art-deco was in style, it is making a large comeback so far this year, with many designers and decorators taking inspiration from the swinging 20’s, to create stunning looks reminiscent of a Gatsby party. 

Hands Free Smart Control Systems

Technology is another big driver of trends in the world of interior design, as new technology becomes more accessible designers and decorators alike jump at every opportunity to make use of fancy new technology with their work and the window shades world is no different.

In 2023, a big trend in the world of window shades is Smart Control, with smart home technology being so prevalent in modern life, it’s quite surprising the window shades world has taken this long to get on board, but now more and more retailers are offering hands free smart controls on their blinds and curtains.

Utilitarian Money Saving Fabrics

The cost of living crisis that has been experienced over the last few years has changed many people’s relationship with their home’s décor, no longer content with having decorative items and furnishings look nice, many people want decorative items to provide them with positive value to make them worth the expense.

In the window shades world, this trend can clearly be seen with the rise of thermal window shade fabrics and solar reflective blinds. Thermal fabrics provide extra insulation onto windows, improving the thermal efficiency of homes during the winter, effectively giving homeowners more bang for their buck with their heating. Solar reflective blinds on the other hand, look to keep homes cool during Summer as their backing reflects heat away from windows to create cooler interiors.

“No Drill” Easy Fit Window Blinds

Onto the final big window shades trend for 2023, is “No Drill” blinds. Many homeowners don’t want to have to break out all their DIY gear for a small project like putting up a new set of blinds, which has lead to the rise in popularity for easy to install window shades.

These “No Drill” blinds come under many names, such as: perfect fit blinds, click fit blinds or easy fit blinds. Whatever they’re called, they all have a similar easy install process that requires no tools. These blinds have brackets which click into the frame of a window and can be secured with an adhesive strip, making an easy install process that can be done in a matter of seconds.