Details to Think about When Renting or Buying Office Space

Details to Think about When Renting or Buying Office Space

When there is a need for your business to move into a new office you may start looking at office space for sale in Kolkata to see what your options are. You also could look at rentals depending on your financial situation and how permanent you want your new office location to be. There are several points that require some thought whichever you decide to do. It is important to do some research and consider those points as not doing so could lead to something that either makes or breaks the business. 

Clarifying important details

Before you sign anything or lease anything you need to make sure all the things written on paper are real and that the specifications meet your needs. First of all, is the floor area right for your type of business and the needs you have? You might think the bigger the better but this is not true. You need to find something that suits your needs and size now if you are renting with the understanding you may move if you grow out of it. If you look for small office space for sale in Kolkata and it is too small it might stunt the growth of your business. You need to consider whether you can grow in it, but not so much extra space that you are rattling around in it. A large space needs to be filled which costs money, it needs maintenance which costs money, it needs heating and power… yes they cost money too.

What changes have been made to the space?

It is a good idea to look into the history of the property whether buying or renting so you are aware of any serious repairs that have been made and such. You should know the true condition of any office space for sale in Kolkata you take a closer look at. For that reason in terms of buying especially, you should have a commercial building inspector take a look and give you a report.

How accessible is it for workers and customers?

Accessibility is important in certain types of businesses for customers who come directly into you, but even if you are in an office where you do not get customers, you still need to be accessible to employees, suppliers, possibly investors and such. Make sure it has all the amenities, facilities and such your workers need and that the small office space for sale in Kolkata is properly maintained, elevators, stairs, lobby doors and such.

If renting are there limits of any nature in the contract?

Sometimes when you rent an office space there will be conditions or limits placed in the contract for your business. Things like you might not be allowed to make noise over a certain level, or there might be a limit to when you can come and go. If you cannot run your business with this kind of limits you need to look elsewhere. 


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