Know More About using Quartz Countertop

Know More About using Quartz Countertop

Add quality to any countertop when choosing quartz! Unlike porous granite, quartz is more bacteria-free and durable. Although quartz is nearly indestructible, excessive heat can damage or stain its surface. Learn more how quartz countertops Toms River or quartz countertops Bayville should be within your next interior design!

Long Lasting

Most quartz countertops have a life expectancy of 15 years since quartz countertops are typically manufactured with 90% natural stone and 10% of pigments and polymers. The engineering behind quartz countertops calls for less frequent maintenance and repairs than other countertops. Quartz countertops are also chip, scratch, and stain resistant. Also, quartz countertops are non-toxic, which means this option is safe for growing families or those with pets.

Elegant Appearance

Despite being stone, quartz countertops come in various colors and finishes. Every homeowner can easily find the aesthetic to match their kitchen design. Choose between original styles of inky black or natural taupe that can have matte or shiny finishes. Or find a style that reflects farmhouse, modern, or rustic designs. Even white quartz countertops can be installed to contrast kitchen appliances to give an added look! There are also speckled or veining patterns and dark to light earthly tones, including blue and red, to consider when purchasing quartz countertops.

Easy Maintenance

If there is a spill or stain on a quartz countertop, be assured that a simple rinse with soap and water will be enough. Since quartz is not porous, spills and stains are unlikely to go deeper than the surface. Its natural qualities are solidified that it reinforces the structures beneath the surface to which most distributors and manufacturers, like quartz countertops Toms River and quartz countertops Bayville, do not need to put a protective coat or seal on it! Therefore, homeowners save money, time, and the worry associated with resealing kitchen countertops too.


All quartz countertops are manmade. However, large projects face difficulties finding a big enough slab to cover an entire counter. Still, the natural attributes, even in rectangular or square pieces, allow esthetic uniformity with any installation. Those intending to use quartz countertops in their next project should consider sectioning out pieces of counters to get uniquely crafted depth, shape, and depth cut-outs. Available customizing options allow homeowners to think out of the box and get other shapes, such as circles and ovals that do not have sharp edges, or get smaller pieces to accent their kitchen, like using quartz as a backsplash.

Other Considerations

Bleach, drain and oven cleaners, nail polish, and other acidic or harsh chemicals should not be used on quartz countertops. Further expand the life expectancy of quartz countertops by always using a cutting board rather than cutting directly on its surface. Plastic utensils rather than metallic ones should be used while cleaning or cutting on the surface.

The current cost of quartz countertops Toms River and quartz countertops Bayville can range from $45-$200 per square foot, where the average is $65-$75/sq. foot, which is extremely inexpensive compared to marble. Therefore, quartz countertops are the cost-conscious and go-to option for any kitchen remodel!