Polk Audio Buckle – Pros and Cons

Polk Audio Buckle - Pros and Cons


Polk Audio Buckle headphones are a great choice for the music lover who needs a solid pair of headphones that look and sound high-end. They have a bass-heavy, dark sound and are quite comfortable for most users. However, their rigid design doesn’t make them particularly portable or noise-canceling, and they leak barely at higher volumes. Here are some pros and cons of Polk Audio Buckle headphones. Read on to find out if they’re right for you!

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A comfortable and durable pair of headphones, the Buckle from Polk Audio is an excellent purchase for the music lover. Priced at $146 online, these headphones have a conservative presentation with emphasis on the lower and mid-tones. There is a hint of sub-bass distortion, but overall the headphones deliver a clean presentation with minimal harmonic interruption. The controls are simple to reach and operate with your thumb or fingers. A built-in microphone lets you answer phone calls or control music playback on an Apple device.

The design of the Polk Audio Buckle is a standout feature. The headphones use a technique known as Dynamic Balance tuning, which controls the internal resonances of the drivers and housing to minimize distortion. The 40mm drivers are tuned with an Optimized Electro-acoustic tuning system for more accurate and natural sound reproduction. A closed-back earcup is another notable feature, ensuring that you never hear any external noise.

The Buckles sound great, if slightly muddy. It has a pleasing frequency response, boosting sub-bass to 82 dB when presented with a static 78 dB tone. It under-accentuates bass tones at 400 Hz and 72 dB at 4kHz. This drop in emphasis is noticeable only if you have an exceptionally well-mixed music source. The Buckles are also very versatile, allowing you to adjust treble, bass, mid, and high levels to achieve the desired sound quality.

Sound quality

The Buckle is a premium pair of headphones from Polk Audio. As part of its Heritage collection, it features muted colors and thick matte-finish metal. In a nutshell, these headphones are stylish, functional and offer a high level of sound quality. What sets these headphones apart from the rest is the acoustic engineering and design. You will never miss a beat with these headphones, which come with a lifetime warranty.

The Buckle features a highly stylized frequency response. It boosts sub-bass frequencies to 82 dB while under-emphasizing low-frequency tones. Moreover, it cuts out noise at 400 Hz and lower mid-range frequencies, resulting in a dark chocolate-colored sound with little distortion. It also gives vocals and instruments the punch they need, without muddying the overall sound quality.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones feature a swivel-adjustable earcup that can be locked in place. The headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear and feature a padded headband that is soft to the touch. As an added bonus, these headphones can be worn on the head for long periods of time without feeling overly uncomfortable. The quality of sound is impressive, and the Buckle headphones are worth the price.

The Polk Audio Buckle offers great noise cancelling ability, but it doesn’t quite match the quality of other gaming headsets. In addition to that, it doesn’t have the best stability or comfort for playing sports, and it lacks active noise cancellation. In short, it’s not the perfect choice for someone who is sensitive to high-pitched noise. And if you are looking for a comfortable pair of headphones for travel, this is the right choice.

Sound quality of polk audio buckle


The comfort of the Polk Buckle is not limited to its style. Its dual acoustic engineering and intBuckled microphone give you a truly immersive listening experience. The Buckle features a 3.5mm headphone cable input and a microphone that allows you to answer calls and control the playback of music right from your headphones. The headphones also come with a two-button control dial that allows you to adjust the volume.

One drawback of the Buckle is its weight. While the headphones are comfortable for a long period of time, their weight and lack of portability make them less convenient for travel. But, if you have to stay in your office all day, these headphones might not be the best choice for you. You’ll need to buy a pair that can survive the demands of office life. Whether you need to listen to music in a noisy environment or simply want to stay focused on a job, the Buckle is a good choice.

Another advantage of the Buckle is its durability. These headphones are built to last and come with reinforced cables. While you’ll need to invest in a new pair, you’ll be happy you chose the Polk Audio Buckle over similar products. The curved cups and adjustable headband make the Buckle a comfortable choice for any listener. Moreover, the headphones’ durable design means that they will be a good choice for those who want the ultimate in comfort and sound quality.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are a decent pair of over-ear headphones. Their design and build quality make them very premium looking. The sound quality is good enough for critical listening, but the headphones don’t block a lot of noise. Because of their price, the Buckle is a good option for office or traveling, but if you need superior sound isolation, you’ll have to spend more money. It is also not very portable, and doesn’t block much noise.


The price of Polk Audio Buckle headphones may put you off purchasing one. This over-ear headphone is part of their Heritage Collection, which focuses on a rugged aesthetic. The design is made of muted colors and thick, matte-finished metal. Polk audio headphones are built to last and should be a great investment for music lovers. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that will last you a long time, you may want to consider a more affordable alternative.

The Buckle headphones are part of the Polk Heritage Collection and come in two colour schemes. The Buckle Brown headphones are a semi-traditional brown with off-white accents, and the Buckle Black headphones are a silver color. They are a nice mix of old-school design and premium materials. They are available in a range of price ranges, and you’ll find the perfect one for your needs. They’re an excellent choice for the price, and they’ll look good in any room in your home.

The Buckles sound decent, with a pronounced mid-range. They have good clarity and balance between high and low frequencies, but they under-emphasize the upper midrange. The only real flaw with the audio quality is that the upper mid-range isn’t as well characterized as the lower midrange. However, if you’re planning to use these headphones in a studio, you may not notice the difference.

Another drawback of the Polk Audio Buckle is its inability to isolate outside noise. This means that it’s not the best option for travelling or commuting in noisy environments. But overall, this headphone offers superior sound quality and comfort. It also includes a built-in microphone. And it’s available in both wired and wireless models. There’s no need to worry about the price of Polk Audio Buckle as the Buckle is affordable for almost anyone.

Overall, the Polk Audio Buckle headphones are a solid option for office use. The wires are durable and leakage is limited, but the cable can be replaced. However, the hinges are more prone to wear and tear, and the multi-purpose toggle is on a spring mechanism. The spring mechanism is prone to wear out over time, so you may want to invest in a second pair. These headphones will be worth the money.

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