Signs You Need New Living Room Windows

Signs You Need New Living Room Windows

According to Energy Saver, approximately 30% of the heating energy in a home is lost through a windows. Further, roughly 76% of the sunlight that beats down on a double-pane window will enter as heat.

Your living room windows play a vital role in how your house looks on the outside and holds the temperature on the inside. Is it time for a replacement?

Here are a few significant signs you can easily recognize.

Poor Energy Efficiency or Uncomfortable Drafts

Homeowners commonly seek new windows for their living room because they feel a draft.

This is especially true during winter. Your home windows contribute to your energy bill, either positively or negatively.

Outdoor Noise

Do you hear more unwanted noise from outside? Is a noise outside keeping you up at night, such as airplanes, traffic, honking horns, barking dogs, etc.?

Replacing your living room windows can help. They can improve sound performance and reduce noise transmission. Although no one window is soundproof, some windows reduce noise.

There are variations in glass thickness for panes, which can help dampen various sounds and at different frequencies. Proper airtight installation and insulating window frames can improve sound resistance.

Damaged Windows

For a homeowner, this can produce a tremendous challenge. Maybe your l room windows are not airtight, or it could be a crack from a baseball that damaged one of them. Other times,  room windows experience mold, chips, condensation, or water damage.

Fog can sometimes be a telltale sign it is time to replace your damaged room windows. If you are wondering what a ballpark figure would be to replace your living room windows, we recommend you get an online window quote here.

Outdated Style

Are your current living room windows lacking curb appeal? Having old and ugly living room windows can hurt you when it comes time to sell. Out-of-style colors and outdated grille patterns could be to blame.

This is a common reason homeowners choose to make an upgrade. You want something aesthetically pleasing that will attract buyers. The living room windows make a powerful impression when someone arrives at your home.

Types of Home Windows

Choose something elegant when it is time to replace your living room windows. Making an update visible to the outside of your home is an investment you should consider to boost your resale value potentially.

What are home window types that are best for the living room specifically? Here is a list of five that we highly recommend.

  • Double-hung windows
  • Bay and bow windows
  • Casement windows
  • Picture windows
  • Sliding windows

When you want to make an update that will stay in style for a while, these are all great options.

New Living Room Windows: It’s Time

We hope this helps give you a better sense of when it is time for you to make a valuable update to your home. If you feel a draft, hear too much noise, see visible damage, or are just out of style, it is time to get new living room windows.

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