solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat

solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat

solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat  offers an integrated suite of enterprise-grade security tools and tailored services designed to increase an organization’s protection level against sophisticated threats rapidly.

SolCyber has emerged from stealth mode with $20 million in Series A funding from ForgePoint Capital. It bills itself as the first modern MSSP for mid-market firms.

What is Solcyber?

Solcyber is a managed security service provider that assists mid-market companies protect themselves from cyber attacks. Their dynamic approach, tailored to each client’s requirements, enables them to respond promptly and accurately to threats.

Their mission is to protect mid-market companies from cyberattacks while simultaneously reducing the cost of security. Their solutions are tailored for companies with revenues ranging from $10 million to $1 billion.

The cyber insurance market is a vast sector, and finding the right coverage can be dauntingly complex. This complexity is especially prevalent among mid-market businesses who lack sufficient funds to invest in cybersecurity measures.

Cyber insurance remains a controversial product, yet more mid-market organizations are turning to it in order to safeguard their business. This is because hackers don’t discriminate based on size; they have access to the same cutting-edge techniques regardless of who the target may be.

That is why they require a secure solution like Solcyber to keep their data protected and employees productive. It provides access to an easily searchable database of all documents, so employees can quickly locate what they require.

In addition to safeguarding their data, businesses can also boost productivity and enhance customer service. By having all documents in one location, they can quickly respond to any inquiries from customers quickly and efficiently.

With their latest funding, they plan to continue cultivating brand awareness and enhance their products and services. Doing so will enable them to boost revenue and expand their customer base at the same time.

They were able to secure this funding through Forgepoint Capital, a venture capitalist firm specializing in cybersecurity startups. As the world’s most active cybersecurity venture capitalist with 36 portfolio companies and over 100 years of proven company-building expertise, Forgepoint has an Advisory Council consisting of 75 senior executives across industries to guide its portfolio companies as they navigate the rapidly transforming cybersecurity industry.

About solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat

Forgepoint Capital is the world’s most active cybersecurity venture capital firm. With 36 active portfolio companies and an Advisory Council of over 75 senior executives from various industries, Forgepoint provides great entrepreneurs with tools to protect their digital futures. Established in 2015, Forgepoint has been driving innovation and inspiring the next wave of cybersecurity since then.

Building successful businesses necessitates collaboration and relationship-building with entrepreneurs, investors and customers. At Forgepoint, we take an active role in each of our portfolio companies by providing guidance on product development, go-to-market strategy and recruiting. Furthermore, Forgepoint strives to cultivate an inclusive community of innovators that find meaningful ways to collaborate with each other and customers on global business challenges.

With a focus on the most innovative and promising cybersecurity startups, Forgepoint has made numerous successful investments in recent years, such as 1Kosmos, Area 1 Security (Cloudflare), SentinelOne, BehavioSec and Bishop Fox. Furthermore, they assist industry giants like Cysiv, Huntress Labs, IronNet Cybersecurity (NYSE: IRNT), Noname Security NowSecure ReversingLabs Uptycs to reach their market potentials.

To sustain its growing portfolio of companies and strategies, Forgepoint’s investment team has recently added new talent. Mercy Caprara, Head of Portfolio Operations, brings 25 years of fundraising, mergers and acquisitions expertise. She was previously the CFO at HyTrust and TriCipher and has experience in both public and private companies alike.

Tanya Loh has joined Forgepoint as Head of Marketing and Community, drawing upon her experience as a marketer at Microsoft’s venture fund M12. In this role, she oversees all marketing and community efforts related to Forgepoint’s customer innovation practice as well as the wider ecosystem.

How Solcyber Can Help Your Business

In an increasingly dangerous world of cyber threats and ransomware, a modern Managed Security Provider (MSSP) can be invaluable. Companies like Solcyber offer tailored security solutions that help prevent, detect, and mitigate cyber attacks.

solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat can protect your intellectual property, proprietary processes and tools. The company provides a tech stack that includes endpoint with extended detection and response capabilities, email security, employee detection and response capabilities as well as threat tools capable of finding malicious code.

The company’s tech stack is tailored to provide an intuitive security solution that shields your business from cyber threats. Furthermore, it helps boost productivity and enhance customer service levels.

With the support of ForgePoint Capital, the company has successfully raised $20 million in Series A funding. This money will be put towards expanding their technology solutions, increasing market awareness and stimulating customer growth.

ForgePoint is a venture capital firm that invests in cybersecurity startups. With extensive expertise, they have assisted numerous companies reach their objectives – something Solcyber hopes to do as well.

The company will use its funding to develop more products for the cybersecurity sector, positioning themselves as a leader in their industry and increasing brand recognition.

Additionally, having more employees will enable them to expand their team and reach more objectives.

Before seeking investors, startups must have a distinct mission and vision. Doing this makes them more desirable to those who understand the industry and can offer advice on how to expand the company successfully.

Solcyber’s mission is to be the leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) for the mid-market. They accomplish this through a curated security approach and user-friendly solution that can safeguard your business. Their tech stack helps companies protect their IP, proprietary processes and tools while decreasing vendor overload.

They can be an invaluable resource for teaching your staff how to protect themselves from cybersecurity attacks. They can instruct your personnel on creating strong passwords and avoiding reused ones.

Valence Security

solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat recently debuted as the first modern MSSP for midmarket businesses, providing organizations with a proactive and curated security approach that prevents, detects and responds to cyber threats. To date, it has raised $20 million in Series A funding led by ForgePoint Capital.

Solcyber announced its plans to double its team from 12 to 20 employees by the end of 2021 and raise awareness about its technology solutions among mid-market consumers. According to a statement, these funds will be utilized for expanding product features, improving marketing initiatives and spurring customer growth, respectively.

Valence Security, based in Israel, has developed a platform that helps companies manage the risks associated with the “Business Application Mesh,” an intricate network of business applications interconnected by APIs and hyperautomation processes. By applying zero trust principles to this mesh of SaaS and self-hosted apps, this platform provides comprehensive access visibility and reduces unauthorized access and data loss across enterprises.

Organizations using SaaS to deliver critical applications face a serious security risk due to malicious actors exploiting vulnerabilities associated with third-party integrations and app-to-app connectivity. These issues may include misconfigurations, unmanaged/unsecured user identities, external oversharing of sensitive data and more.

Therefore, security teams need to be more proactive in addressing these issues and reducing the risk of breaches. The startup’s solution assists organizations do just that by applying zero trust principles to secure their SaaS applications and supply chains.

According to the company, this technology can be applied to a range of applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce and Slack. It assists inventory users, data privileges, configurations and third-party integrations; furthermore it ensures continuous adherence to internal policies, industry standards and regulations.

The company’s solution also features automation capabilities, such as continuous monitoring and detection of shadow API integrations and privilege drift. Furthermore, it can enforce least privilege access to guarantee only legitimate users have the right to access business-critical apps.

Venture capitalist interest in SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) is high, as it represents one of the fastest-growing segments of cybersecurity spending and is expected to reach $8.3 billion by 2021, according to research firm Gartner. A number of well-funded startups have developed solutions that help corporations manage risks associated with SaaS and self-hosted application deployments, such as Grip Security, DoControl and Adaptive Shield.

SolCyber Managed Security Services for the Mid-Market

solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat is the premier managed security service provider for the midmarket, offering an advanced collection of enterprise-grade tools and easily accessible services.

The company aims to protect mid-market companies with $10 million or less in revenue from cybersecurity attacks. Recently, it received $20 million in Series A funding from Forgepoint Capital.


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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is an innovative technology that uses AI to shield your computer against cyberattacks. It offers multi-layered protection and AI-assisted policy updates delivered through the cloud.

The product boasts multiple security functions and provides IT teams with plenty of configuration options to manage their network. Furthermore, it enables centralized reporting and oversight over the entire security system.

SEP blocks attacks by disabling common software vulnerabilities and blocking zero-day threats which exploit software to circumvent defenses.

Email Security

Email security is one of the most critical cybersecurity measures an organization can take to thwart cyber attacks. Lacking adequate email protection, organizations may experience data breaches and domain name hijacking.

Pros and Cons of solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat

  • SolCyber offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise security tools that is easy to use, affordable for any organization.
  • Their innovative security approach provides multiple layers of protection by relying on endpoint tech stacks with EDR capabilities, lateral movement detection and advanced email security features.
  • SolCyber recently secured $20 million in Series A funding from venture capital firm Forgepoint Capital, enabling the company to accelerate its operations and broaden its product suite.

Active Directory Abuse Protection

Group Policy management to restrict accounts with privileged access is one of the most effective Active Directory protection strategies an organization can implement. It reduces the potential for AD abuse by assigning privileges only to those necessary for their role and eliminating those no longer utilized within the business.

Maintaining good cyberhygiene by deleting stale, unused and abandoned accounts is another effective way to reduce the number of vulnerable accounts in an organization’s Active Directory. By keeping account counts as low as possible, organizations can prevent malware from spreading to other network areas with similar privileges as an affected account.

Attackers typically progress from a simple user account to full domain admin rights and full domain compromise, although these paths remain invisible to AD administrators. BloodHound detects these attacks by mapping out the relationships between Active Directory groups and users so as to deny hackers access to protected functions.

Administrative Exploitation Prevention

Solcyber 20m series is an innovative funding solution that provides entrepreneurs and startups with easy access to working capital. Whether you require a steady source of funds or want to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving business landscape, Solcyber 20m series can provide the assistance necessary for success.

Security solutions provider Solcyber has emerged from stealth mode with $20 million in a fundraising round led by Forge Point Capital. The managed security service provider plans to use the funds for product improvements and future expansion as it prepares for further growth.

Solcyber’s technology stack consists of endpoint protection, email security and administrative exploitation prevention. It also offers services like 365-day log retention, 24-hour monitoring and staff phishing education. Its security operations center develops correlations, provides a range of services and conducts training for both clients and employees alike.