Versatile Options – Vertical and Roman Blinds

Versatile Options - Vertical and Roman Blinds

Window shopping for the home comes with many considerations: appearance, aesthetics, and decoration, but most importantly, the versatility of window blinds. Two options should immediately come to mind when thinking about durable and long-lasting window blinds. Learn exclusively how vertical blinds and Roman blinds should be on any homeowner’s following shopping list.

Vertical Blinds

This option should be the first choice to cover any sliding door or wide windows. Fabric, vinyl, or wood vanes hangs from a sliding track installed at the top of the window. Effortless left or right gliding action allows for quick indoor privacy or outdoor visibility. Keep a door or window open and the vanes in place to help deter bugs from coming in while still enjoying an outdoor breeze.

Affordable and modern vertical blinds are a cost-effective investment to balance functionality and style. Adjustable tilts of the vanes allow for suitable light control of a home’s interior, from a light glow to ultimate illumination. No matter how often these blinds are used, they are known to last between 10-20 years, even if handled incorrectly or roughly! When wanting a window treatment that is easy to use and filters light to any preference, every homeowner should essentially own chic and long-lasting vertical blinds.

Roman Blinds

Roman-style blinds are fabricated to have a black lining on one side. Home décor trends have been raving this year about how Roman blinds is an excellent option for small-to-medium windows. These blinds come with crisp folds or drapes in a wide range of colors to elegantly match any room’s interior style. Popular contemporary styles include European, plain, soft, and standard flat folds. The European option exhibits natural soft curves, the plain option has more material body texture, soft folds are rounder, and standard flat folds are the simple, contemporary option. Also, the European style is known as relaxed folds, that interior designers call a “soft smile,” soft folds are also referred to as hobbled folds, and standard flat folds are more reflective of cellular shades.  

Unlike its vertical counterpart, Roman blinds have an added functionality of a cord lock system to help keep them in place! Interweaved cords assist with flawless opening and shutting to get desired natural light control, similar to vertical blinds. Yet, installation of Roman blinds requires more measurements as correct fitting is more emphasized with this option. Additional Victorian Roman shades may need to be embedded to prevent light leaks at the top of windows.

Although Roman blinds are a luxurious home décor option, they should not be placed in a room such as a bathroom that has high humidity levels. Otherwise, the blinds can quickly droop and gain mildew. This option is also known to attract and collect dust, pet dander, and pollen, so homeowners with sensitive allergies may need to maintain Roman blinds more frequently. Specific upholstery spray treatments are available for homeowners to take care of these blinds. Like vertical blinds, Roman blinds should not be installed where pets and small children can easily reach them, as they love them as much as homeowners and guests!