Your Design Guide to Popular Exterior Home Styles

Your Design Guide to Popular Exterior Home Styles

Do you love entering your home because it looks so beautiful? Are visitors blown away by how it looks and how it feels as soon as they walk through the door? If the answer to these questions is no, then pay close attention to this design guide to popular exterior home styles.    

Visiting a home often starts with the front of the house, so this is the first visual that guests get of the house’s interior. If you want guests to feel welcomed and the front of your house to look stunning, consider these exterior home design ideas.    

Create curb appeal by adding a few amazing exterior design elements. Keep reading to learn more!  

French Country House Styles

French Country house styles are notoriously elegant and timeless for home upgrades. Rich hues such as ochre, terracotta, and Venetian red tend to be popular, as is the architectural style of tall, windowed facades, steeply pitched roofs, and inviting porches. The home exterior design of walls is typically some combination of stone, brick, and stucco, with a rustic look that’s still orderly and refined.  

Some common details include arched doorways, symmetrical window arrangements, wrought iron accents, and decorative keystones that increase the home’s value.

Mediterranean Revival Style Homes

The Mediterranean Revival style of home often includes elements such as stucco walls, low-pitched or flat roofs, small balconies, and picturesque windows, often featuring arches or shutters. The colors used are typically earth-toned pastel or bold colors, depending on the climate and local materials available.    

Additionally, the doors are often large and are normally the source of a lot of decorative work. Find here for more ideas on columns, arches, white stucco walls, and terracotta roof tiles, which are all common fixtures. Additionally, courtyards and terraces offer an opportunity to bring the outdoors inside.    

Craftsman Style Homes

With its distinct features like its frontal porch framed by thick columns, decorative gables and rooflines, and low-pitched roof, the Craftsman style ensures that the home is not only functional but also esthetically pleasing.

The hallmark of the Craftsman style is the integration of natural materials such as stone or wood in its exterior design, with its warm earthy tones and eye-catching details easily enhancing the front of the house.  

Exterior Home Styles for Homeowners

Overall, popular exterior home styles can be simplified by understanding the definitions and identifying desired key characteristics. Homeowners should take their time researching, planning, and designing their dream exterior home style. Use this guide for an introduction to the different exterior home styles available and to gain design inspiration.

Get the help of professionals for a customized and finalized home design that fulfills your dreams and expectations. With a little bit of effort, you can have a beautiful home exterior and make your home a standout!   

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